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on the part affected ; and answers the purpose as well as any
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cal and surgical services is an important asset. Treat-
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side ; the back of each pinna was also involved. Parts of
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Corolla. — Four petals longer and larger than the calyx, ereft,
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Susceptibility Exhausted. — Few persons suffer more than one
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both solutions and mix the whole together; then add 1 oz. of
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the intima of the arteries. The cardiac muscle is softened, the whole heart
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especially the smaller branches. Retina distinctly hyperemic;
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drosis of the feet. The local application of bella-
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The constitutional symptoms increase with the develop-
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incubator at 37" C. They were examined first at the end of two hours and
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to bite. All these ways are utilized, but the last is the
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an instrument passed regularly, and in the course of twelve
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the bed-pan by calling out and by restless movements of the
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oil of male fern enemata for the thread worms, 232.
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need only to refer to their respective articles for proof
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passive motion. This was done, and at the present time the
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lessened by the cold-water treatment. When the delirium is so violent
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as much fluid as possible, with a death rate of but 5 per
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already published. The only one of his adversaries who
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is reached and the pressure reading remains fairly constant from
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imposing text-book of surgery which has for long been submitted to us for
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greeting each other witli the whimsical expression '" beastly
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15th. — There has been no movoment in either arm or leg ho