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cases arising in aged and enfeebled subjects. (4) Cases that have progressed

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diarrhoea of typhoid fever does not diminish the danger

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however, this not happen, what is to be done ? We have

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transversalis, was easily made out, and was carefully divided on a

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with scarlatina never gives rise to the phenomena which characterize rubeola,

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directly therewith, increasing or diminishing as it increases or diminishes.

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ments can be made on man, but the greatest number of the

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washings, and the deposit allowed to settle between each washing."

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plications or accidents such as pneumonitis, peritonitis, and hemorrhage.

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deaths from all causes for Belfast are 9 deaths from whooping-

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throat, giving rise to a burning sensation, which lasted

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The clinical history of this adcctlon remains to be ascertaineil. Tta

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sons, Experience in Arm and Shoulder Presentations ;

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not surprising. In a further return. Professor Sorensen records

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prevail in these latter days, be admitted to a place in the printed volume of

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once followed by a disippearance of the cough. Expec

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ly that when the oz first opened; but he believes that the results

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great an intrinsic imj^ortance, and had too great a tendency to regard

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to allowing the full saturation of the air by turning indicator to

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visual field, the hemianopsia, the prominence of the eyeballs, which is

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Dr. Douglas — Since we met here last year Providence has seen fit to remove the

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by Romberg and Henoch in 1851. In 1890 the late Dr. Hadden

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piration and temperature. Characters and changes of the urinary excretion,

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effect of the drug cannot always be ascribed, when given in

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that, if the tube is of any considerable length. To attain such a

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or any rich sauce. The craving which many patients with a chronic

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and the bursa between it and the skin suppurates, the pain ig.

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ancestrale de I'homme a I'aide du systfeme dentaire.