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value. Dr. Sachse's object, in the present volume, is to give
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at the same tiuie that part which is left by the ligature becomes healthy, while
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ices, and 5) assuring optimal professional education
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over, and determines the specific movements of the vocal organs,
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was ushered in by rigors more or less severe, alternating, perhaps, with heat.
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painless, swelling of the parts, which is at first soft,
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which is always an important point when they exist in large
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bility, as well as the honor, you have conferred upon me.
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gether with chronic catarrh, and enlaigement of the lymphatic glands,
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with vivid stories of what is now known as mass hysteria.
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When the placenta is thrown off, or sufficiently detached
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The results of correction of deformities and of dental irreg-
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areas of the globe, and influenza may be said to be, at such times, pan-
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been fed on good food, it generally runs a quicker and more acute
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presence of two internal hemorrhoids, chronic catarrhal rec-
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Instruments were taken from a dish, from which they were
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you thoroughly understand the sequence- and manner of applying them to obtain the best results.
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And all such checks and hindrances are felt by the pulmonary
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board of health data of the City of Buffalo for a period of
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low of the Royal Society of Medicine: Mosby Co., 1914. Price $2.00.
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idiosyncrasy on the part of the patient, and the jury
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entered, more or less, into the treatment usually adopted. At the pre-
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symptom of increased disintegration of nitrogenous compounds." Feutor's con-
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forehead not traumatic are syphilitic ; scars and copper-
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what they were entirely unable to produce themselves, and,
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changes are most likely to be noted in the interstitial connective tissue,
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relief. I do not blame our residents; they do their best;
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ceps. Tr. Edinb. Obst. Soc. 1897-8, xxiii. 148-152.— Fou-
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