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S. Points in Diagnosis. — It is, of course, always important to know,

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JoHir C. S MooKua. MD. Professor Theory and Practice of Medicine.

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tute, through their representatives, the President's cabinet.

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drachm of strong sulphuric acid, and a fragment of loaf sugar the size of a pea.

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and pushing the prostate down to facilitate enuclea-

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c. Pharmacy O.D. requests for service decreased 1G%.

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acute forms, and in females. Thirty to forty drops of the vinous

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! Lond., 1864, i, 77. — Jackson (E.) Sympathetic ophthal-

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still the fact remains. I am arguing for the kind of oper-

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traction is made upon these by an assistant while the surgeon

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in mass, swelling to 6-7/t in diameter and germinating by. a single tube. Mycelial

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kinds on the market. From motives of economy, it may be desired

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1. The existence of an uretero-abdominal fistula is

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inspiration and expiration air rushes in and out about the mouth piece. The

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it is a perfectly safe drug in doses of from 5 to 30 grains three times a

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58-60. — Potts (C. S.) An addition to the therapeutics

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Case 7.— W. P. G., Med. No. 5471. Negro, male, aged 43.