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Within the last two years repeated observations have been made which
and offered his services; was commissioned Acting Assistant Surgeon, U. S. N., on the
Longaker, Daniel: Placenta praevia and its treatment,
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epatic affections, depending solely on irritation of the liver,
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suffering intense pain, confined to bed, and manifesting
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retic; useful in malignant and protracted fevers. It
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properties to bacteria, which are nothing more than micro-
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The steps of the operation are the following : 1. Incision ; 2.
bandaging for two weeks the skin became elastic; long
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• mit Urobilinurie, Splenomegalie und Nierensiderosis verlaufenden Affection, Ver-
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the arms to fly up, lifting the chest-walls, and causing
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that no other influence can be brought to bear that will so counteract evil tendency
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1893, Iv, 119-130.— Poorc (C. T.) Talipes equiuo-varus;
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firm pressure with the hand over a towel. Vigilance and restlessness will
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Gestation and Pelvic Haematocele. Philadelphia: W. J. Dornan, 1889.
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he ascribed to carbolic acid was based upon this principle.
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malignant new growths, either in their clinical history,
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If there is a tendency to grab the front shoe, keep its heels
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the insertion of the deltoid is the most convenient for the operator and
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and we can say for certain that, if it were worth while, nothing would
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siderable the circulation may be altogether arrested. 4. That the
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perimental investigations should be seasoned with the grain of
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The examinations are now, I believe, entirely written. I
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tion caused by delay. A slit is made in the intussuscipiens,
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cords of communication which originate in the medulla spinalis
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sion to Western Reserve Medical College have been raised so
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of the Government, it is nevertheless true that no small number of