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Owens, M. D., " The Vaso-motor Nerves; Their Origin, Functions, and Relations to
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originated, and to what atrocities they led, and say if they do not
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longer or shorter stretches leaving the amniotic connective tissue
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Executive Secretary of the Wisconsin Anti-Tuberculosis Association,
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them accurately. Thus, Heubner (Jahrbuch f. Kinderheilkunde,
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pain and constipation ; and the edges of her gums were blue. A
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such signs as the following will manifest it : Increasing rapidity
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tumor, its form before dilatation takes place sufficiently to distort it, and
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Internal Medicine and Pathology, Obstetrics and Gynecology, and
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inferior to the leaders of the present day. Our forefathers in
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reariugof children, aud in helping the parent to manage
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the occipital bone, and here and lower down on this bone are hairs set in
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taxis as he employed it. It had been the custom at the
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Internship/residency, LSU Hospital, Shreveport, LA, 1986.
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be relied upon, to the exclusion of opium, in those cases only in vhidi,
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munity service. Such interest is shown in contribu-
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virus, and produced the disease,' as the inoculation of
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coordinator, Marshfield Clinic. Approximately 100 physicians from throughout Wisconsin
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an incomplete exclusion of that portion of the intestine joining
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method having any appreciable advantage over the other.
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recommended in the paper. The best treatment, so far as he
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hemorrhage upon the motor tract, and the subsequent paralysis indi-
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cured, Nov. 16.— By T. J. Biggs, M.D., Sound View Hos-
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their causes are multiple; they do not generally entail
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Case 22. Child, 8 years, old. Whole right side involved. Treated as
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so you will find that mastoid cases and operations and cerebral cases will tie
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abdominal method. Her progress was uninterrupted toward recovery, and only
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hours after this (having left the house in the mean time), I returned and
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is on the " Anatomy and Physiology of the Skin ; " and this
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Chorion — Syncytioma Malignum. (Plates XIII. -XIV.) . . 422
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The twenty-four hours' urine was collected, and the total amount
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proposes to designate the disease "Jebri* nigra." He believes
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necessary. But when used, it should be under the direc-
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wounded arm affords the best safeguard, and for this reason we think that
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that his increased success, since he began to use Listerism, was out of all propor-
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of his past employment ; and he has as just a right to
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den of Eden. With the help of two of Raphael's pic-
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Progressive dementia is said to have follow^ed severe attacks.
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of attachment are matters of individual judgment in each case,
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officer of his county, whose duty and pleasure it would
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without feeling strange on the way back to civilization,