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tumors consist of adult connective tissue with elongated or star-shaped connective-tissue

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1 Vide Manual of Chemical Examination of the Urine, by Austin Flint, Jr.

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cluded by authors in this group are no neuromata at all, but

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ences gathered at the bedside with the experiences gathered in the labora^

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pathetic systems. The disease has been much exploited in recent years,

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rhfea, or haemorrhage from the bowels, it uiay be resorted to

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form convulsions in tlu; extremities of the opposite side,

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ris, pen i wort,” MS. Sloane, 5. So Florio, Cotgrave, etc. etc.

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the larynx. Everything must be kept in readiness for a

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September 7, after amputation of his leg for gangrene, aged

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106°. 2 F., or an abrupt rise of 3°.8. Under the free use of alcoholic stimulants, in combina-

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ment; the urine is scanty-, albuminous, highly colored, sometimes

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mucous membrane, three times a week, to stimulate the

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