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though not quite so hard ; this hardness now induced a doubt that they

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In the following paragraphs is described the method of

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have sufficient power to convert all the starch of the three

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especially when the number of bacilli present in the exudate or blood

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sary to do an internal urethrotomy through the scar of the

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additions to the archives of folk-lore. — Lancet.

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ical methods, but this is obviously less satisfactory. Whether a few pus

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save to enlarge a tolerable- sized volume. Were these cut out, and a con-

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section, represents a section through a neuroglia septum, parallel to its sur-

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point, sometimes directly in front of the waterworks intake. The water


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in cold weather, and was stored at a cost almost beyond its then value.

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incision. It is impossible to determine this point by

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of van Slyke. All the amino acids, except lysine, react quantitatively with

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butter is necessarily dangerous, for in many instances

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Traumatic Cardiac Neurosis, by Dr. J. C. Mulhall, of St. Louis.

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the active stages of pleurisy — we have already put the reader in pos-

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may be required than in other forms. — Lancet, June 9,

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of Houston 'On the Structure and Mechanism of the Tonofue of

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The organism grows best on Loffler's blood serum; upon this it

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Iodine.— H. & C, dr. i-1 (gm. 2.-4.). Sh. & Sw., gr. 10-20 (gm. .6-1.3). \

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known, but it was some time between September, 1912 and February,

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Texas Examining Board was asked : " What is histol-

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system, and to this we give the name of epidemic influence or