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Situation of the Disease. — Any part of the spine may be affected,
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the area and correcting the constipation, many of them may be cured.
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feet and ankles become oedematous, the oedema generally extending up-
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Etiology. — This disease is local in character. It may be brought on by
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the chisel may be used as a lever and the depressed bone elevated. In
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be the result of a weakened condition of the artery or em-
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tween the vocal cords, or in the ventricle of the larynx. They may also
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Mallet-finger is a condition due to the rupture of the extensor ten-
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by attacks of regurgitative vomiting with each evacuation. The average
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first sound gradually disappears and the second sound becomes indistinct.
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are often found embedded in this granular matter. These
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the discharges from the bowels apparently give relief to the patient. In
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most part local in character, and these local symptoms w^ill necessarily vary
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condition is due to a lax condition of the muscles, which may be better
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wakefulness and cortical irritation are manifest, no opiates should be
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-^^ «-=e\®fiL:5^^^=^ emphysema, and lobular pneumonia
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rise as high as \0L° F. In fatal cases the temperature falls toward the
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carefully avoided,. and in its treatment the general hygienic measures of
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part of the larynx. It is produced by inflammations, injuries, bee-
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wagon passing over the body, or severe blows. The liver, stomach, gall-
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the most fatal of all acute diseases at this period of life ; most " sud-
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exhaustion ; their skin is of a pale^ '''pasty" yellow color, at times more or
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patient may give a history of frequent micturition and may insist that
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varying sizes, while the filaments coming out of the spores are cylindrical,
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relieves the pain. In local intestinal catarrh the pain is confined to the
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till' t'lilarj^cd plaiul on the rccurri'iit larvii;;('al lUTVC. SoriK-tiincs tlie voice
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Copious intestinal hemorrhages are more frequent in severe cases that have
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pus and muscular debris. Sometimes the whole cardiac tissue is infiltrated
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abundantly in the nervous centres, and particularly in the spinal cord.
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pain in the back and limbs, especially in the thighs. The headache of
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1 Laennec taught that bronchial respiration was due to the saperior conducting power of condensed
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end of its tirst stage. The dingy hue of the surface, which was early
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stairs, etc. The breathing is sometimes stridulous in character, and fre-
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ment, persons may not discover that they have been injured, unless a
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exposed parts of the body and is extensive according to the exposure.
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neoplasms of all kinds cause it. Gout and some forms of kidney disease
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spots, if the pneumonic nodules are large and near the surface.
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