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by coughing or by firm manual pressure over the ab-

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the great sciatic nerve, free under the remains of the glutei.

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for four days and nights. The pressure caused considerable suffering to the

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lation, and the child made a perfect recovery, the urine

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of the nose being at length corroded, this will sink on a

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evolution of his leprosy. The first unequivocal mani-

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in mild cases, imparting only a light-greenish stain to linen dipped into it,

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the distinction between cancer and fungus haematodes of the stomach is


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with nausea vomiting, pyrosis, dysuria, haematuria, violent pain in the

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undergoing an operation; for at that time tumors of moderate

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cases in Mr. Curling's table, in which tobacco was employed, nine recovered. Of the

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consultation with Dr. Farquhar Ferguson, August 21,

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Certainly it is excellent discipline for an author to feel that he must say all he has to say in the

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5 grains of the trituration three times a day — that

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him of " sebakh " one of the peasants presented to the party a papyrus

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of Rosenbach, and the bacillus pyogenes fcetidus of Passet, which these

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nucleus about the centre of the body, and a minute,

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himself could never hit upon an expedient 1 them before the wicked, that the wicked

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rather odd that there is not a more definite focussing of the disease

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chicken, or partridge in the broth, light red wine,

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accessories has been acquired by man; this much is e^ddent, that in all

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Obstruction of the left nostril in the morning on rising with

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cephalon consists of two distinct lobes brought into communication only by a slender transrerse commissure ; In the

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of which was pronounced good by the natives and the

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leuritis, sometimes localised neuritis, or pain in connection

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somewhat interesting. Thirty-nine gave a history of

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In the description of cholera above given we have adverted to some oC

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ways above the knee-joint, and then surrounded with

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Dr. Joseph D. Schoales remembered a similar ease, in a

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