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may, in testing the truth of them, find what I have found

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porary effect, the other .to relieve arterial tension and re-

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2. Pre-liistoric Man. Researches into tlie Origin of Civilization in the

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to assist the Uuion medical officers in repressing the epidemic.

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posed of principal editors of tho medi(!al journals." Tliese re-

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Chronic inflammation is characterized by increase of interstitial tissue

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xv., acia. carbol. lr^xv., paraffin, moll. gj. ā€” or other preparations of

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only indirectly so given, can make no diflerence, because the

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been largely due to popular suspicion that they would work

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and the ulcer, which is practically always present, are laid open,

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influence piohahle candidates for the service, will advise them to

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the Saranac Sanatarium. He traces the history of the institution from

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stain is extracted in order to differentiate the preparation, it

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studded with numerous elevations which are composed of dis-

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is not elevated. We have had the blood examined, but it has given us

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with a Grove cell, freshly arranged for each experiment, while the

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authorsā€” viz., a disease which may or may not begm with fever and

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14. Glaucoma, the Necessity of Being Recognized Early, C. S. Means,

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there is no downward displacement, and the forward displacement is not

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ally I am in favour of its employment, at least in cases of incomplete

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quently see. For many years my only treatment for delirium tremens

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From Dr. Cummins, Ballintemple; date, 12th "November.

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remaining number, 38 per cent, had died at the period of inquiry,