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denounced therefore. However, it is not this phase of the problem to which

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the air-current to pass directly into the inferior meatus.

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eresipela. Mem. d. r, Accad. med. di Genova, 1888, 61-

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is transmissible to man. (See pages 168, 281, 301.)

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may be taught to undress and to dress, to feed himself, and to wash and be

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opposing views are taken on first principles. I pre-

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strations, equally simple and Important with those inserted, are

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the sum of our knowledge in regard to antitoxine and to call

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fully recognising many other sources of blood-poisoning, he regards

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action of its confreres, and may therefore be considered

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modes of healing, the end sought justifying the means,

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ter 25.2, Liverpool 27.1, Londou 22.5, Slanchester 23.2, Newcaslle-

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reflex, while the motor division of the nerve escapes. So closely do

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will act efficiently, particularly if an icebag is applied over the precordium.

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enthusiasm has carried its votaries beyond the bounds

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the lower margin of the liver. Finally, after the paroxysm is ended, one

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cervix in five sisters, all of whom were sterile. He is greatly

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stetrician is sometimes the vehicle by which tetanus is trans-