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The j7MX?e early shows irregularity, a symptom present with such

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flow again showed two layers. He made several further injec-

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brought down the ^ags of their two heaviest ships, and thus

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ticking of a watch. However, she was incapable of distinguishine be-

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1869, when Billroth's assistant, Menzel, and Simon mentioned it, show-

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feels a little shook of surprise when he comes on such

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There is one thing which I believe is a very valuable measure in

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Married, — ^In tliis city, March 26th, C. D. Varley, M.D., of New York city, to Mrs. Eliza

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lactation, again, the conditions are those of a reaction. The return to active

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It is only in the hope that my professional brethren will give

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of belladonna, fail to contract the disease, it may be said that they might

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5. Hemianopsia, optic neuritis, especially hemianopsia

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By direction of the Secretary of War, the extension of

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diseases in France ; and Maisonneuve, Denonvilliers and Demarquay

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Thiazides should be used with caution in patients with impaired hepatic

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its outlet into the brook. This not succeeding in removing

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fuss's paravertebral triangle of dulness, as well as the recently resurrected Garland's

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As has been remarked, that pcpsic liquid is far from partaking

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phining and puncture of the dura mater into the general arachnoid

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to go into the etiology or pathology of the disease, but rather

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vomiting, arising from any other cause, almost conclusively indicates the

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The median basilic vein of the right arm was thrombosed at a point distal

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neous ligature en masse, diminution of tumor, and plastic growth

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ber counted. Of total adults 7%, and of children 2% were

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By R. P. ROWLANDS, M.S., Surgeon to Guy's Hospital; with remarks by

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course, would affect the proportion. In a community where typhoid

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marks—namely, in November, 1S48 — that Stilling first carried