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Bruce ; Inteiesting Cases of Phthisis in the Wards.
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head ; and '* fever" in Oldham and Sunderland. The 89 deaths from
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favour, suicides by that method being twice as frequent in Massachusetts
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the scaphoid and cuboid. The double wedge of bone between
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might have these various matters brought pi-actically home
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propranolol 10 mg side effects
syphilis caused the disease later in life, and that it was a corn-
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An' industrious and sober plumber, working at lead roofing,
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its translucency. He said, ** You have never examined a hyd'ocele be-
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sirable to embody in the new scale to be issued by the Com-
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its existence, it has been able to provide a home sufficient
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Dr. Regnault has reason to believe that absolute licence in
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gyniccological medicine and surgery, L.R. C.S.Ed, will find all that is
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Acts, he had taken any steps to secure an early report from the Royal
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Glasgow. (F) Mr. C. S. Flemming, Bath ; Messrs. E. W. Fyffe and Co.,
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casual wards ; whilst the disease seems to have obtained little hold on
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O.iiO g. (8.3 to 13.5 grs.) are borne by healthy adults for a con-
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was published as a supplement to the Bbitish Medical Joctr-
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