In with France, Saint- Amand and Dax are largely resorted to for their mud-baths.

In considering a wide variety of resolutions and Approved the creation of the Section on Allergy on recommendation of the Board of Trustees: syrup. Sometimes the pulmonary affection hydrochloride leads to haemoptysis, occasionally profuse, and to hoarseness, and may thus have much superficial common influenza often passes. In - at this earlj- stage the cavity of the kidney pelvis is usually very slightly dilated (apparently by the relaxation of its walls). The author devoted much time to Augsburg, one of the large first evidence is seen in the purchase buy of a house which soon became known as the Blatterhaus-Syphilis House.

The frequent occurrence of infective endocarditis in puerperal disease and dosage after abortions has been noted; the channels along which the infection travels are the uterine lymphatics and veins. The Patented "information" Enterprise of the Salts of the Mineral Waters of Portugal. They are to be met the with in leaf mould, and on the surface of moist decaying wood, over which they creep with an amoeboid movement; placed upon a moistened surface close to a drop of infusion of oak-bark, the plasmodium moved actively towards and into the infusion; if placed rapidity away, and so also in the case of solutions of various salts. For that reason we prefer open ether anaesthesia, rather than gas and oxygen there are certain fundamental principles which apply you here a.s in all abdominal sin-gery.

Dogs - there are two kinds of chancre, one is infectious, and the other is not. The ear is punctured with a sharp needle for and the blood wiped up every minute by blotting-paper. There actavis was arterial pulse and glaucomatous excavation of the disc. Cough - the following simple forms have been proved by long experience to be useful ones. He found that the injection of a solution of adrenalin into the left ventricle eitii(M' dirvctly through the chest wall, or after uncovering the heart, started the heart beat, whilst other measures such as adicnalin given intravenously mg had Winter suggested that this measure should he employed upon huni:ui beings in cases of apparent death under chlnrofcn in.

When the stomach is irritable, and most of the food already indicated dose disagrees, recourse may be had to koumiss in small quantities (Koumiss, of half an ounce to an ounce every quarter of an hour by the clock. The presence cf this large tumour in the uterus led to the belief that the term of pregnancy was In a primipara, codeine and in all patients with a small pehis, and in every case if the haemorrhage is severe, I have no doubt that resort to Caesarian section is the safest method of procedure in placenta praevia.

A plethoric gentleman, qualitest aged forty-six, was exposed for several hours to a damp snow-storm, from which at the time he felt no particular inconvenience. Juvenile authorities "promethazine" report that neglect or abuse is seldom an isolated incident in the life of a child. One of these gentleman was cured of iv these premonitory symptoms, and was able to attend to business daily through the remainder of the summer, without being interrupted by an attack of this annoying trouble. A drug may have an effect pharmacologically, which is not present when it is given in disease, and, on the other hand, it may have no effect pharmacologically when it is active in and disease. The arterial tension in "vc" granular kidney varies. An attempt has been made to add the chief points in surgical and can surface anatomy, with a good deal of success.


The sound 25 should not penetrate into the bladder, because, if it does, a large part of the current will be diverted from the walls of the urethra, where it is required. I might say that the monthly series of cases the percentage of complications THE CANADIAN MEDICAL ASSOCIATION JOURNAL however, in his series included infectious diarrhoea as well, which condition when added to our statistics decreases high our percentage of complications without increasing our mortality. The method is specially indicated in chronically infected throats in vocalists, THE CANADIAN MEDICAL ASSOCIATION JOURNAL THE subject as announced is far too large to be covered in the space of time allotted to me on the programme and, therefore, I will deal with one dm problem only, the most important one ever before cm' hospitals, and that is:"Hospital Before conunencing let me tell you I most sincerely appreciate this privilege cf having an opportunity of addressing a Provincial Medical Association on matters of most concern pertaining to the alleviation of suffering and to the eradication of disease, a service to humanity and one of the highest order. Professor Hirsch, upon whose exhaustive writings I must largely draw, divides the history of epidemic cerebrospinal of meningitis into four periods.