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procedure returns to the blood by the most direct route,
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the liver and spleen have been ascertained to be cor-
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We feel that the tuberculin test has a value from an
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ment of severe sprains, as curb and "breakdown ;" and in
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that air is composed largely of nitrogen, and that only peculiar
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f shreds and clumps of degenerated tissue. In the posterior lower wall of the pylorus
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Official List of Changes in the Medical Corps of the United
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region, or downward, in the groin, while the other tumors . grow for-
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club-shaped bodies, single and in asters, are often ab-
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result of eliciting the opinions of many of the lead-
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cases. Of mineral waters I instruct my patients to con-
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ave acquiredva. new degree of virulence, to difiiise its influence through*
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give, they will not for a moment deny that we are correct, or that there is
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permanently subject our sick soldiers in India to the un-
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lar, with an irregularly ulcerated and red surface. The
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from all over China, and concluded that at least one
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relapses. He " believes that frequent relapsing tonsillitis develops
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of this nerve. This is recognized by its pressure-effects, paralysis of the
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hard and nodular, resembling somewhat in this respect
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oil of male fern enemata for the thread worms, 232.
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sia dolens; and much credit is due to his industry, and learning
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am indebted to Mr. Kesteven, of Holloway, for the following case : —
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Jul 44. SG: 560.2. (3) Telg, CofT (Mvmt Div) to CGs
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tained by them. Having been subject to seasickness on all
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in which / stands for the number of cases of the specified kind