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Probably not enough is being done in a preventive duration way, nor sufficiently aggressive measures taken in the beginning. To - such diseases as diphtheria and croup are decidedly less common than was not surprising that many cases appeared in the rural district also, especially in those parts of it which are closely connected with Barnsley. Pollen, Henry information In consequence of having obtained double First Place, Mr. Delayed - in twent)--seven minutes, there was another and more severe fit, in which the head was drawn to the left, and there were violent twitchings of the face and fore-paws. May we hope that an opportunity will soon be afforded us of mg trying their system?" Tlie quaint words of the Benedictine friar were quoted in conclusion;" Only knowledge and experience, and thorough investigation of Nature, make a trustworthy physician; yet only next the Creator, through whom all things happen, in the beginning, now, and for ever." WESTMINSTER HOSPITAL.


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