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" hepatic," " renal," or " uterine " case of disease.

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the anatomical conditions come to be properly realized, hu-

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Presidext-elect Peltox : Ladies and gentlemen : This is an

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species of congestion and enlargement of the liver and spleen which is

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Tacoma and Dr. E. P. Penfield, of Spokane, have been appointed by the

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arms and face. After this attack he was often in bed and was never able to

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ramifications. Sitnilar clots blocked up the P«J"ronary v^in

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Diagnosis — The diagnostic features of an attack of sporadic cholera are

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Condition on entrance. Short, stout build ; can get around on crutches

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This is possibly the hardest class to handle, and it is very rare

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with the thumbs or by a smart blow, afterwards applying a conical pad with a

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of a saturated solution of magnesium sulphate gives relief to

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latex sensitivity and it is contraindicated in patients with

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than the pursuit or scout planes. With their capacity for carrying

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excrementitious principles are eliminated by the skin ; but this is a con-

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the medium of spreading leprosy. Mosquitoes, bed-bugs, and other

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early years of his life, but about fifteen years ago he had

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those particular sensitivenesses. The constitutional troubles, depression,

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"No," replied Warren, "but they are sometimes hung as many feet above

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City. These were bottle fed babies ranging in age from three

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At the end of twenty-seven days the fracture was consolidated. The suture

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the provision to provide for these children and also their citizens in

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into it easilj^ he should keep steadily at it until

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the appearance of scorbutic sponginess, discharging

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caseated. The reaction, I think, was of distinct service in eliminat-

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take and well tolerated. Hematinic Plastules Plain contain

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The colleges have opened for the winter with a fair showing of students in

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vein is injured at the same time. In such cases an effort should

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attended with all the general symptcms of an intracranial tTimour

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relatives of the patient, it seemed a hopeless one for