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Mr. G. W. Dawson : I have given 2 c.c. of copper alanine ; in some cases

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representatives will learn: the impact of proposed legislation on the future practice of medicine;

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final result may prove that every genuine case of tetanus

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itself, it may be speedily checked by a hypodermic of Atropine.

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deep violet colour, resembling ecchymosis, have been observed.

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city (Durham) pays the rat an annual tribute of not less than $50,000,

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The affect of climatic conditions is not very clear. Sudden changes

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were provided for the family household in the place of chickens,

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is, however, not sufficient to render the diagnosis valuable.

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lead pencil, or even larger. In the case of obstruction, dilatation, even

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With some hesitation and many misgivings, I made the first trial,

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might occur to us that gout and exertion could not well be associated,

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strated that Mellin's Food is not only readily digestible itself, but that it actually

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asked at the beginning of this letter, "How are you to apply the high

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equal, if not superior, in importance to that of Jenner. If the correctness of