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1880, i, 67; 75. — JLawreiicc (H. C.) Intestinal obstruction

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duce death in two or three days. According to Corre, the duration

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5. The symptoms of spinal disease at different levels and in different

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lecturer, its author has deservedly earned in these parts. It

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quite mild. This is a condition, however, in which blood examina-

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of the children, leaving two boys — one thirteen and the other seventeen

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known as the ductus arteriosus, falls into disuse at birth, when the

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was applied in part to raising this water to the temperature of the

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Koplik says there should be no difficulty in the diag-

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retroversion, we will then maintain this condition of

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clined, however, to look upon the affection as of a

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and that occasioned by carbonate of ammonia, and phophate

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diarrhoea, especially of children, it has also been found

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have now been reported in so many cases as to justify a

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of patients, by Dr. A. E. Hoadley, of Chicago; The Deformity

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He left the hospital on 21st December 1902, and Avas quite Avell up to

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physema denotes a greater diffusion of this condition, and, as a rule, the