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fever, such as abscess, periostitis, etc. Rarely during convalescence a
A few shreds (portions of necrosed mucous membrane) may appear
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way and takes anywhere from one to six drinks, finally goes
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irom the bath. These may arise from the local effect of the cold.
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hyperaemia. The stimulating chest compress, however, is useful in
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ber, and October). The remaining summer and autumn months yield a
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Taylor's " Handbook of Practice" (London, 1890) says (page 771) :
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moderate (normal) dicrotism, good ventricular contraction as indicated
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lithotomy has been revived, and is often and very successfully
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pneumonia still other complications may be pronounced (cerebral, intesti-
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organs (liver, spleen, kidneys, and lymphatic glands). The cylindric
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fat, but I think one takes so little of it, we may indulge in a
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below Philadelphia, and is on a point or peninsula jutting out
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age of cases, though the disease is also quite prevalent in the remaining
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vous system acting as predisposing causes. Certain chronic diseases may
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methyl salicylate, C7 ( „^ ) O3, and one-quarter of one milli-
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the performance of all functions are eliminated. It follows, therefore,
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disease, but if so, it is usually the fault of bad habits in the
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ture is 103° F. or over, the compress applied as above becomes warm
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ter when the inflammation is deeply seated. Its therapeutic action is
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ties, the finer specimens being the Governor Wood, Black
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distinguished. The quotidian ague (the most frequent clinical variety)
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been made in carrying out my purpose the practical value of the work
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Addinell Hewson was surgeon at the Pennsylvania Hos-
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though it resembles that in typhus fever, does not appear at any given
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(6) Tuberculous meningitis gives a characteristic previous or family
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by those cases in which prolonged obstruction was suddenly removed
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watching the effect of the static wave current on perhaps a dozen
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sition of other diseases into tuberculosis, as was formerly supposed, cannot
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the flannel cover. Winternitz recommends wadding as a superior cover-
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selected still exist. Wood ^ favors ammonium salicylate, for the reasons
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lates it in order to alarm the attendant and prevent a continuation of
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countryman Fleury and others, in this branch of the art, has added
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disseminate the poison and give rise to epidemics. The infection may
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tricle can succeed in retracting its apex half or three-quarters of an
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It has been recommended to touch each pustule with carbolic acid, and
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accumulated, but in whom the circulation and respiration are