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The name typhoid is open to objection. It is customary to apply this
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From the vears 1875 to 1SS2, inclusive, the number of confinements was 2827 ; the deaths
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nection of mind with watery" it should read, <« connection of mind with
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coagulable, and all the features of renal are superadded to the
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ing downwards from the cortex are continually affecting this centre, as is
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is intense, and the slightest effort to move the affected muscle
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fond wife ; not having been blessed with any family of hi*
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in hospital, and that the time both of students and
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ment is proportionally less, and the granule-corpuscles, which are so
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Medical Association could not get away from its charter and its
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breath, the high arterial tension, the accentuated second sound
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which are necessary in effete matters to fit them for solution and excre-
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Park, Roswell, 305 Delaware Ave., Buffalo, Erie Co.
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toxin has been produced, and has acted so deleteriously on the
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few if any of the general symptoms that sometimes occur by other methods,
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except for evidences of arteriosclerosis usual for the age. Blood pressure was
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of abdominal pain, referred mainly to the ctecum and sig-
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satisfactory results. 0.2 c.c. of blood is placed in a graduated test
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same laws in infantile hemiplegia as in the adult form.
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the French) is transmitted from the lungs to the medulla oblongata.
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the system so that Tiiarkcil iineiiiia may be priKhieed.
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cise will again depend on the retained visual acute-
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the operation as recommended by my father ; a transverse inci-
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