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ometers should be spectrophotometrically controlled.)

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died in that new recurrent attack, one after two years without recur-

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nificance of these observations will be considered in a subsequent part

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the contractions were practically unchanged during fifteen minutes, so that

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feet then takes place. The swelling may come and go for a time and

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slightest pressure. It may fade away entirely when the arm is held

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of the bacillus itself, but also of the state of the tissues upon which it is

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considerable periarteritis, causing pressure on the surrounding cere-

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indication that the graft has failed; if, however, six months pass

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Ackermann : Deutsche Klinik, 1863, Nos. 23 and 24, cited by Roberts.

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deeply stained (1 to 175). Gmelin's test was positive. The dialysate

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detailed comparison of these conditions cannot, however, be entered

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thence, after a time of moderate steadiness it may recover the more

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35. Schkarin : Monatsbl. f. Kinderh., 1910, ix, 65.

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was repeatedly found that these organs were not diseased, the abnor-

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them, and the blue mottled masses clearly show through it. To the

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cases when the normal paths of Sa-Av conduction are interrupted.

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Robinson. G. Canby : The relation of changes in the form of the ventricular

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per minute, and Charcot states that the retardation of the pulse is

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female except during the years of sexual activity and childbearing,

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function is discussed only as affording an explanation of the changes

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jective symptoms of the patient. Chief of these is pain, which may

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the patient was free from pain; subsequently the suffering came on

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been described in certain cases in the posterior column and in the

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acid may thus be hydrated before a noticeable change occurs in the

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and years without definite record for each annual group of incident

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really varieties of one and the same disease, and that all are due to

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vein of animals that were vitally stained and received several doses

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observers to come to the conclusion that pellagra is a toxemia or is

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pictures are different from those shown in Figures 2, 3, 4 and 5,

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whereas formerly his business had been confined to Spartanburg

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more essentially, in defining the nature of the disposition to react in

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addition of the 1 to 1,000 solution and was not renewed. The tone

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those in the treated serum are represented by the full height of the columns.

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these facts that the plasma has the first call on the biliary elements

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when they state that all of the described forms had been observed by

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interpretation of these findings offers many difficulties. Falta, 48 on the