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contractility. (Ann. de Tht:rap. par Bouchardat, 1854, p. 18.) Though

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of bath can be used except to the injury of the patient,

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siaie of (he tongue ^ m a decided degree, is the signal for commencing

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avirulent variant culture of Staphylococcus aureus , Giorgio. They

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the general properties of the ferruginous preparations, and may bo given

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the complaint as possible. Experience has not fully confirmed the san-

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Again, as this state of the air is frequently the remote cause

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appreciated by Aretaeus, when he gave minute directions

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of numerous experiments directly with the poison of different serpents

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is that of mercury in the cure of inflammation. After due depletion, or

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ever it is our object to give permanent strength without any

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liable to burst ; but practice and habit in hardships may render the human

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H. Coates, of Philadelphia, confirms the old opinion as to its efficiency

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Caloric may be made use of for drying, for warming the air

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levels, and whose perpetual modernness startles and

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ures. In a fatal case, with violent delirium, spasmodic rigidity of the

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with superficial ulceration of the neck of the uteinis, being applied by

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whom patients find it verj^ difficult to escape with-

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toaehing of the excitors by any part of the surface being sufficient. ^AfrtVaA ^Htt-

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The century now drawing to a close has seen the The

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of Paris, on the effect of gases injected into the suheutaueous cellular or

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not have him a basil plant, to feed on the brains of

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preferably through the nostrils, Bags containing ether should never b^

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earth's surface, sink below 58° Fahrenheit. While the air

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be commended. Let the supply of water be ever so abund-

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The piteously costive, and the pinched horn nose, and the resemblance to

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the external surface. In insensibility of these organs generally, the in-

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wards, as I regard this as by far the most useful and aclass-room.

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recommeudod etrongly by Robert Dundaa, of Liverpool; and has been '

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to employ the mildest and least irritating, as the tartrate of iron and

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bulb was about T 5 O 5 of an inch in diameter, and its tube about

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certain morbid states of the system, no sensible effect whatever is expe^

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MarskmaUow Root, Oatmeal, Indian Meal, Boiled Potatoes, Carrots, etc.

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alcohol, and is of such a strength that a fluidrachm represents rather

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laxity of Byetem, and especially of the bowels, demanding the use of