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muscle. The extensors of the wrist, of the two joints of the thumb, and

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Death does not necessarily ensue immediately after the symptoms of

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i2mo, 159 pages, illustrated. W. B. Saunders, Philadel-

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teeth, the tonsils, the nasopharynx and nasal sinuses, and

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freely throughout the body, or there may be only a few. The

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Dr. H. B. Sears: I do not wish to prolong this discussion,

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measles produces no special predisposition to diphtheritic infection.

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simple plan whereby nearly all minerals are made to show the spectra

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pity for those who remain blind to its origin, wisdom,

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which has been used from time immemorial with success.

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Philadelphia, Pa. — Dr. J. C. Wilson, Dr. William Pepper,

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gurated. He is the exponent, not only of his professional

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diseases in France ; and Maisonneuve, Denonvilliers and Demarquay

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tinually multiplying, but there is so much empiricism in the world, and

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and the removal of the faecal matter, that many of its advan-

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Avenue, New York 10. Branches and service depots in principal cities .

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is an aggregate mass of numerous individuals, which floats by their

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have been no subsequent controversy as to the priority of discovery of the reflex actioiu of

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Fig. 406. — Osteitis deformans. — Jefferson Hospital.

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The question — and it is an exceedingly difficult one to answer —

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daily until he becomts disgusted with them. The entire