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if this be now gently heated to dryness, a deep red stain is left,
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'■PHE patient, L. B., set. 17, is a rather delicate looking boy,
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with the thumbs or by a smart blow, afterwards applying a conical pad with a
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the formation of gliomatous tissue ; hence he wholly discards the hypo-
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output indicates a continuation of the local inflammatory process,
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the beginning. It is lar less frequent than acute bronchitis. It occurs much
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one of them showed intermittent fever after one injection. When they were
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gions which are, at the same time, verj' hot and very humid. In-
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reports of the last 5 years. It is noteworthy that in
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Mr. Hamilton passed in No. 6 gum-elastic catheter, which was
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deemed best fitted to accelerate its being laid down again to
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tions shallow, rapid, and feeble. Majendie's solution of
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question, as well as the loss of electrical irritability in the trunk of the
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degeneration, waste to such a degree as even to be smaller.
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of Novy, in which hydrogen is passed for an hour through an appa-
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have attempted his experience, but I have to address my own
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look as white as the best patent flour. It was recently discovered that
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history of the case, as well as the post-mortem notes, may
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sets up a condition of cumulative susceptibility. To produce cumula-
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what function it has as a normal factor of the organism.
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The memorial program of the Charitable, Educational and Scientific
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in the system, even as there are of sugar — one from alimentary matters, and
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