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mences ; it evinces no tendency to spread beyond the confines

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the patients are frequently not aware of having fever,

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rent hemorrhage may end fatally. I have seen a single profuse hemorrhage

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rupture as the result of blows or injuries is by no means unknown,

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ammonio-mercuric iodide, which causes a yellow, yellowish-red to

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bacilli. Biological relationship with the true tubercle bacillus may

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Marquette University. The first graduating exercises of the medical deĀ«

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ingredients. Stir this mixture all the time while over the fire.

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Frank L. Cooley, M.D., Oswego, N. Y., to Miss Fannie

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a lead shield and exposing the other half to the Rontgen ray.

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devised an improved laparotomy sheet, made of thin rubber dam

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weaken the accumulated force of the facts in its favor,

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umbilicus; the intra-pelvic neck above the vaginal attachment was

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Within three months of the onset she had a bad burn on the arm, which was

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I had hoped at this time to have given an account of some