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painful effects of the remedy have been greatly exaggerated by

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experiments the bleeding was done with great care by means of a sterilized

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patient bore the operation well, the fever gi-adually subsided,

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and such patients should be followed closely tor the tirst two weeks of treatment and whenever the dose of enalapril

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ยป taken Irom three churchyards in the north of England. (< Guy's Hosp.

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health, and is often intermittent and arrhythmic. Abrupt changes in the

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plied suddenly, but not severely, it usually produces a

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It will be a matter of exceeding rarity that anything in

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On examination a distinct swelling is found fiUing most

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*' 1. That the obliteration of an artery can very certainly

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further than to suggest what appears to be the most reasonable

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cant. Therefore, we do not recommend steroids for the

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tion of the left ankle, with comminuted fracture of the lower end

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attained in a considerable number of cases. Whether

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arsenical medication, rapid amelioration is the rule. At the same time that the

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When recovery finally took place, the following was his condition :

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should be painted on the part affected in two or three successive layers. Dr.

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of Chicago. Reprinted from the jfournal of the American Medical

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37) Franz Utz, Chem. Zeit., 1902, 26, 1121-1122, and Milch Zeit., 1903, 32, 417-418.

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many cases have been reported as primarily of laryngeal

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short time, and after death his liver was found to present a very perfect

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case was from 1970 and two cases each year from 1980, 1982, and