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eliminated toxins in the blood, and appearance of the phenomena known

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apoplectic seizure, it is probably either general paralysis, or thrombosis of a

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Dr. Ferguson, in closing, said that perhaps he had stated the

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The time has certainly come when no physician should

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ation. I concluded then that suppuration or sepsis was going on, that the most natural

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of the large arteries. Desormeaux says, that a stout young woman

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This disease is always fatal ; affording no room for any other

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Medicine, then delivered his address, which was followed by that of Dr. W. T.

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such an increase will soon be granted, and encouraged young

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recovered from. He feared it was likely that Dr. Watson-Williams's

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is destroyed on which moral good can be effected. Without truth there

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given and in Dr. Schiissler's patient it may be said that it is only since the intro-

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were Dr. I. L. Oliver, Graceville ; Dr. Douglas L. John-

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the lungs are more or less congested, especially at the dependent

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Psychiatrical Society, the Ward's Island Psychiatric

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James E. Reeves, M. D., Wheeling, West Va. Read before the American

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only requiring care as to asepsis and in so placing

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In my lectures on therapeutics, I have found it useful to the stu-

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characteristic is this that it is of great importance diagnostically.

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three cardinal symptoms. Nystagmus and scanning speech are seen in

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and much alike even when the causes are different. The epithelial cells

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to the food-tract. This view is still further sustained by

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1989, will be paid based on a blend of 1/3 of the radiology fee

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year in and year out, is stultifying and wearisome. An

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Medical batteries are supplied with a commutator, or current

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years. 2. That the mortality which followed the operation was more

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contains powdered dry .sputum, and this danger is done away

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de la fievre typhoide au Havre. [Rap. J Rev. d hyg..

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