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glands play a very important part. Serous cavities, as for in-
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which when finished will cover the entire State, will
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reaction, swelling of the edges of the lacerations or actual ecchymosis,
France, and Majocchi and Pellizzari in Italy, have given descriptions and
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seated near it, and it destroys the patient ; but it is pecu-
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Dr. Harris explained that, although he agreed in the
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vious to his application for relief, when he observed an unusual
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inson's pearl barley, etc. No gritty food have found it convenient to wed outside
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extradural tumours are lipoma, and parasitic tumours, chiefly echinococci ;
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Contribution by Dr. John A. Kolmer, from the Dermatological Research Institute of
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rally allowed that a protraction of four weeks is possible. On the
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curred in elderly people, and pointed to a fatal termination
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ment in other skin affections is too limited to form the basis of
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circumstances, portions of the lungs become void of air and shrink,
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Malarial Dermatoses. — Dr. L. P. Yandell, Jr., of Louisville, Ky.,
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to exifltf but if the gaWanic discbarge be passed directly through the muscles, contraction at
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talline, cineritious, versicoloured : in one or two
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discussion on the functional diseases of the heart, which
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generalized malignant lymphoma ; and a second case of
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We understand that Prof. ELorace Green is engaged, and has been
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due to the skin functioning as a condenser surface, making the over-
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person in turn, transferring large drops of the blood so ob-
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tremens — are worse than mediocre. On the whole the first
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As to the exact manner in which such clots are formed —
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him on this point. It is true that in its abuse tremendous damage has been
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the compliance of the chest wall and the lung itself.