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thrown oft". A case is related by Larrey of preternatural sensibility
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cured, Nov. 16.— By T. J. Biggs, M.D., Sound View Hos-
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urea and other urinary constituents may be present.
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rather excessive and L'topian, but we must say that we think
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on his Creator's Proto-chemistry ;' l Magia Adamica,
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years. His health failing in 1872, he was obliged to
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Dr. Webber replied that cases of spinal sclerosis are of long duration,
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abdomen may take place without the production of dia-
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prevalent in the poorer districts, in the overcrowded and badly
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Man's inhumanity to the pregnant wo- cussion on both sides, that one \'irginia
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cold and wet, or sleeping out of doors at night. The large proportion of
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Trophic lesions may also appear in the form of whitlows in the
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i. 1043). (1) Very small doses excite the sensibility and decrease motility ;
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GahheWs Method. — Select with a clean needle one of the
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A hemiplegia with paralysis of the fifth cranial nerve on the oppo-
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health department visits the premises Avhere the patient is and ascer-
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to be the specific poison which produces the symptoms of plague.
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loud booming first sound — in such a boy if the meas-
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largest breast measured thirty-eight inches in ciicum-
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Historia centesima, centuri.TB .secundie, de eodem fceiu.
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cough. No other auscultatory phenomenon are so markedly altered by
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Fattv layer on surface of ascitic fluid from u case of cancer witliin the abdomen.
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are being made, however, in every State to have gradually disappeared from medical
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DIOSKURIDBS, PEDANIOS : Aezneimittbllehee, Uebersetzung
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ber of this organization plus my personal energy, interest, thoroughness,
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For convenience" sake, and to avoid the danger and !
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tolerance tests sugar reappeared, he introduced a single fast
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pital treatment of diseased prostitutes, soldiers, workmen, etc.,
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measles produces no special predisposition to diphtheritic infection.
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near Vienna, at his summer residence, where they dined and wined to their
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inflammation of the pleura itself. The left lung was somewhat compressed
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above the flame of a Bunsen burner, care being taken that the flame