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Bsead-crust baked in an oven until it is very brown, but not black, and

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catheter can be passed through it into the uterus to the extent of seven

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often found to be disorganized and changed in their structure where there

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— Dr. Howard Reynolds gives the details of a case of suppres-

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disposed to believe, that some accidental circumstance may have

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all engaged in outdoor work for a considerable number

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symptoms, which are especially distressing at night, when the

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Symptoms. — It may develop slowly or abruptly, and may

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better. This intermission, however, may be entirely lacking.

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anterior two-thirds of the tongue, but none on the posterior

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the tongue and superior lip. The section of the bone being

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before I saw her she had a fall, after which the symptoms became much

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It is a law of interpretation of physiological facts, or

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overcoming chronic and obstinate constipation I have had

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are carried throughout the body, bringing about the clinical

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a surgical plastic operation. During this period without x-ray treatments

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accustomed, either in civil or criminal practice, to form of

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The season opens with like cases in all classes, prominent

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Text-Book of Gynecology. By William P. Graves, M. D.,

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of a hostile army or the destruction of a threateniug fleet. It

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[ . . . caused byinfectedmilk.] f L;>'j;er. Ki'dienli.,

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account of the influence of the oxygen, or rather carbonic-acid content of the blood,

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Pancreas. — No changes are noted in the pancreas.

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case in which there was a fair chance of the operation of excision

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living, age, etc., influencing them very much. The symp-

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that the blood pressure may be normal with a reduction in blood

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On account of its mild but efficient action the current

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that the bladder and rectum remain in their natural situations and