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Carbon monoxid poisoning. — Brodier (22) reports the case
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as the dilution continues, the orange, green, blue, indigo
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days, the symptom of his sickness being fever. He made a perfect recovery. Five years
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plan as that of boys. Trite and indisputable as these statements must ap-
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volume, more especially in thickness ; its weight was 1 pound 13 ounces.
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had only a slight effect on plasma sulfide levels, while plasma levels of sulindac and sulfone were
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animated by the same ganglionic nervous system, and particularly the intes-
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eral approval, inasmuch as the value of the work would not
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nramal oonstituente of the gland — namely the blood-vessels, connective
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common agreement to stand next in efficiency to alcohol. Despite
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and practices of the ignorant, the pretending, or the knavish in medi-
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L. Minor, Aslieville. Discussion opened by Dr. Ernest Bulluck, Wil-
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nated with a combination of biborate of soda 8 gms. (2 dr.) in
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matter reminds me of the fact, amongst many others,
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kandled by some of the critics, it was translated into many lan-
ticularly to Brodhurst, of London, that credit for further-
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head, the condyle was displaced, and the loose bone brought
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Regarding cataract, is it caused frequently by kid-
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the quantity of liquid effusion, together with the rapidity with which it
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ence in the leukocyte count between those cases which termi-
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however, an unduly favourable impression of the life-chances attendant on this
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being useful at other seasons, must be specially so during the hot
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bladder. So it was suggested that possibly the focus of infection was at
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capsule instead of at the posterior inferior aspect, as it
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blows to the doctrine of spontaneous ,gen- and that through their influence and that of
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The signs would doubtless vary considerably in the cases
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I have not, as a rule, found this very well marked. It is notable, how-
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of much that is lovable and affectionate in a woman's
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course of time, drops off. Accidents of this kind are not uncommon,
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examine every dispensary and to move the revocation of
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method; also the readings by the former method agree more closely with the
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males — in four it was present on both sides, in one on the left,
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broken end of it with tooth-forceps, I found that the point was not lodged
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ments with pus showed that after twenty-four hours, with a
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Diseases of the Nose and its Accessory Cavities. By W. Spencer Watson, F. R. C. S.
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These are the parotid,, submaxillary, and sublingual.
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ternal medication was given by his attendant physician at this
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meal of blood ; this is known by the complete disappearance of the
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mental and cerebral conditions, and, approaching these from their
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coated tongue. The temperature is, even at this stage, often some-
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The immunity which is produced by vaccination in the monkey appears
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distension, particularly when the latter is of great
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upon the skin, kidneys, and gastro intestinal tract. It re-
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para of advanced age. The method is, of course, not applicable to cases of
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