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ble and interesting information. Prof. Flint's contribu-
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thermometer in the same case : as it is most important
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reduced a dislocation of the kind under consideration, and re-
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been for several years. He stated that over thirty years ago there
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the Biclvford Knitting Company, 795 Broadway, of this city.
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Nancy Pre-!.";, Ph.D., Anthropology, Psychiatry and Biobehavioral Sciences, University of
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each in therapeutic doses, is a favorite prescription.
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should also carefully refrain from any of those extraordinary at-
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As we write, two cases come to mind, strikingly illustra-
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annual meeting ; and, on motion, the committee was empowered
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laying aside other conditions peculiar to the case, the
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the close of the war, the available force of the Confed-
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Treatment of Open Wounds." (Discussed by Dr. William Det-
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sending on their own at a large profit, are actually im-
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eral operation growing more popular every day; encour-
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clined to attribute the group of phenomena to the exist-
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was too feeble to kill her by hemorrhage. She slowly
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only beneficial changes, in the forms of vegetable and
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clinical utilization. The public moral debate that attends every innovation « in vitro fertilization,
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Dr. Gray responded to the latter resolution in suitable terms.
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The fingers are now separated and the reflected flap, E
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unable to find or devise one. Some, again, say the jacket is not
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the head of diagnosis, he says — "If haemorrhagic tenden-
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ciations were carefully prepared, printed, and distributed to the
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which passes up and if followed rapidly by the other
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the rectum by the orifice in that cavity three and a half inches up.
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mania should be continuously violated until she was relieved of
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Confederacy, as that of the Wilderness, it was of daily,
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Brodie affirms : " Suppose the fistula is high up by the side
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in accordance with the instructions of the Convention of Delegates
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Finally, one case of death by ether is reported to me
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therapeutic knowledge of this part of the profession is accepted
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In reading the description ot such an operation as this,
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ease of the bone itself. Still, in advanced cases we, of course,
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the second, on elementary pathology or minor surgery.
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that a person may be bitten by a rabid animal, and then be
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ratio ot danger have been as follows : In 1859, Dr. John
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