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"Eckman's Alterative," "Fruitola," "San- of biological inquiry which is concerned
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Isthmus two years, was admitted to Aneon Hospital, Jan. 9, 1909. The patient
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The most important point made by the essayist is drainage.
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The attention paid to personal cleanliness marks a gen-
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upper lobe of right lung showed acute, fibrinous pneu-
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the subject is one of great practical interest to the
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afforded by ether, the deformity persisted ; eliminating,
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supply. The aortic valve has not such a good vascular
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and at the outset of the operation I determined that the
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toes were swollen and livid. The foot was removed by
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On motion, at the suggestion of the reader, a committee of three
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apparently, the same purulent discharge, with redness and proliferation
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no permanent benefit from the numerous remedies prescribed,
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