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post-MI and the study was discontinued after 180 days,

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marsh fevers have been fully confirmed by subsequent

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to the broken-down, helpless and apathetic old cart-horse.

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Mr. Ralph Uihlein (1963) Milwaukee Mrs. Wallace Lomoe (1965)

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couraged the inoculation of this disease as a means of cure

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2. The very common association of albuminuria with the

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surgeons. Dr Vans Best, unfortunately since deceased in the prime

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than ten days before it was resorted to. In this case we are

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central lobule were nearly all diseased. In general, it was

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theria, dating from 1855 or 1856, when it prevailed in Albany,

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Albarran, however, showed that if tubercle bacilli were injected into the

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and destitution than by the kind of disease. In some

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thence conveyed by the Veins to the Heart ; the second

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been given have not recovered, but so many of them have

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propria " and cutis. When the cicatrix which fills up the opening,

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ate of soda) and then use oil to allay the irritation.

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MISSOURI MEDICINE/February 1988 — Vol. 85, No. 2 85

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reproscntH {\w instnmifiit artcr liavliij; l>c<'ii liooki-d iu-mi the

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But the vast majority of the cases controvert this statement, my own

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tubercular pupils are admitted. Results are excellent.

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for the coming year: Dr. William Child, of New Hampton,

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crease in tile contractility of the bladder, which ena-

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twenty-five drops five times a day, and directed to

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wasted on us. This reviewer hopes for a different fate for this remarkable collection and recommends it as required


who, by the way, is no friend to the operation, affirms "that if the

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anserina. And to this there is still another fact to be added, the