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the borders of the nails. It was attended with pain and much morbid sensi-

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although cystin was the only protein-fraction excreted, administration of lysin

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ment with VASOTEC should be discontinued and appropriate therapy instituted immediately. (See WARNINGS.)

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mild, moderate and severe cases ? In the very mild cases operation

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Pennsylvania : AUegneny City, April 12-19, 3 cases ; Johnstown,

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inflammation. Consequently, the upper limbs will improve

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necessary. These defects tend to their own perpetuation.

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e knows outbreaks of typhoid fever and of disorders of the bowels

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were anaesthesia, bedsores, or permanent bladder and rectal disturbances


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treated on the conservative plan — curetting or excision rather than

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On October 20th I made an incision in the median line through the

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