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a healthy scar. When a large area is involved, one treats a small patch

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ance, that it was no part of his duty to teach his own

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Ibe duties required of him ; he is sensible of kind and fair

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tially epileptic child should have less insistent demands

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be lost sight of in therapeutic applications, i.e., not to re-

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Pupils o.amined with nearsight (usually with some astigma-

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out its isolation hospital for infectious diseases. By a

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leg. Pressure, position and compass measurement were also involved, but

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e. A lesion situated very laterally in the pons, or so placed as

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enables us to exclude amyloid liver, leukaemic tumors, and hypersemia.

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tors. There has recently been a change in the faculty, by which David

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found than a lotion and ointment, composed of iodide of potassium

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forming a preliminary titration on 5 cc. of the acid plus 20 cc. of

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for the coming year: Dr. William Child, of New Hampton,

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Marvin, Art Martin, and Payton Kolb. The purpose of the

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comes less empuical, more rational, and more success-

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much the patient may desire to avoid them. Movements occurring during

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Treatment of Acne Simplex. — McKinney (Maryland Med. Journ.,

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{Miisca domestica) may convey the infection of typhoid. It is not

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Ambrose Pare, and the Birth of French Surgery . 176

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composition should begin to manifest itself. In tlie farther course of

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4. A fine tremor is .typical, and is well seen in the arms

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the tumour is situated in the pons Varolii ; or in which the tumour

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as containing a succession of independent reflecting centres : but the reflecting action of the

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measures. Heat, delirium, circulatory or nutritive dis-