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fifty and sixty years, for more than a year had been ailing.
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it bends towards the affected side. The paralysis is always
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adherent pericardium leading to general anasarca, the man could not
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the fiftieth to the sixtieth year, in our climate— or sooner, or later, accord-
Arthur Z. Krasnow, MD; and B. David Collier, MD, Milwaukee
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ter ending September 30th, recounting the action taken by the
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could not appear in the foreground in the solution of a
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it no doubt owed much of its perpetual vigour. This point is
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Dr Findlay of Fraserburgh, and had an onl}^ child, George, who
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Dyspnoea from Cardiac Disease Relieved by the Inhalation of Oxygen 58
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papers. A telegram of \the 8th of October from Stuttgardt semi-officially an-
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To accomplish this effectively a vigilant supervision of the
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exist as a subacute and chronic affection. These two forms will
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laceration wounds being followed by shorter periods; and (d) the part of
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spontaneous Fracture of the Ribs with report of Case. 613
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thorax treatment. A recently published paper by Gravesen,.
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queries I have made in regard to the nervous system. "I will then fur-
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twenty-four years of age. Two years ago, at the age of one hundred and twenty-
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shown by too large a number of medical men. I shall not attempt system-
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on the general radiographic side (CR or digitizing radio-
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sion. I suspect the ueccssity of massive doses has been
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left phrenic nerve, paralyzing the left vocal cord. Vertigo and dizziness
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never be forgotten that during his entire career he
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Enemas of cold water are often grateful. Relief, in some cases, is aff<)ixled
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when used in large doses, when used in minute dosage produce a
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and the secret probably died with the friend to whom he entrusted
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