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nosis as regards recovery is favorable. These points are to be considered in
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There might be many theories given to account for the cause of this
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not available to carry it out ifficimtly. and the fol-
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often complained of Double vision, half vision, intole-
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An autopsy was allowed, and was made by Dr. W. W. Gan-
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of his injuries; and his chances of doing this are very
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what. He was delirious, and had a tendency to coma.
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for about a day. Autopsy performed three hours after death ; the following
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take charge <jf Vicksi)urg aufl the ram. All hands are rejoiced at this,
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fect in alleviating and preventing inflammation. In
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arachnoid cistern : in this respect tuberculous meningitis presents a marked
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suppression of habitual perspiration as a very common cause of dis-
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well marked, and the subcostal vein (auxiliary) joins it about the
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Empedocles the philosopher, B. C. 450, on the physician
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tremity of the leg, and extends it little by little. Passing next to the
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whether a veterinarian for instance — ^at least in the
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highest artistic excellence, but also to enable the publishers
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several references are made to the presence of spiro-
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t a lady after having been there for fifteen years. The glass was
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Indeed, it is extremely valuable. The chapters on chronic
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enriched by the grand largess of the State, a sort of patent of nobil-
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IV. "We have now examined the opinions of all the authors
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■disease-producing moulds thrive in warm weather, so also may the
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will likely do so in a few honrs, and we shall have
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etc. New (19th) edition, specially revised by the Author to accord
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Auzoux's celebrated Preparations in Papier Mache imported to order.
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schlechtsorgane. Archiv f. Kinderheilkunde, 1888, S. 401.