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the exact cause of this condition should be searched for

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culty. Comby,* Henoch,* and myself* have reported similar cases.

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current, or no or 220-volt direct current. To this end

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which by reason of their location and on account of

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tension, and in two of them the anterior chamber is completely obliter-

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systolic" regurgitant murmur of pro})ortionately increased

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use of seat belts reduced the risk of serious injury to the

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Let A r j = the nitrogen content of the undigested flour soup.

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In considering the further steps to be taken bj'- the com-

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Mr. John Leech ; by Dr. Crisp, casts of the brains of variouK

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result is good it comes through the correction of the ametropia

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and A. O. J. KELLY, M.D., formerly Assistant Professor of Medicine,

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1875.] Thompson, Lectures on Diseases of Urinary Organs. 249

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February 16, 1898. His father was Henry Philip Truax, and his

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agulation of the blood, much interest has been excited.—

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thing else than ulceration of the intestine, probably in this case due to

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upon whom to confer certain honorary rites in handling

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Hospital during my service (January ist to July ist) were

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Resolved, That the House of Delegates of the American Medical Asso-

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almost moribund case enterostomy is the only operation that should be

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of information ; so that it is almost certain that whoever sees

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After rest or if the leg was placed upon a pillow the color became almost

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The MEIUCAI. News will be pleased to receive early intelli-

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began to direct attention as to the changes of the psychical

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shortly afterward of tuberculous basilar meningitis.

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the touch ; there was intense photophobia, well-marked

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heart abnormally strong. Costiveness, partially suppressed and