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dition. Tumor first removed by iridectomy. Thirteen days
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used as an astringent injection of the strength of about one-fifteenth
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rheumatism reappeared, then convulsive attacks which
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to visit her pliysician, but had fallen before reaching the
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tion of the neck. Parkin, for instance, records a case of
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by every kind of contrariety and opposition, in order to bring
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lower animals living among filthy surroundings and lying on
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then subsided completely, and the patient was free for the remainder of
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ena, followed by hemiplegias, is the shortest in duration, the lesions
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ease, and more especially of the infectious or spreading diseases. A disin-
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of the atmospheric pressure (12 millimetres on the mercurial guage
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I living in the Isle of Wight. The late Bishop was well
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rain, and free from gas and smoke from the chimneys. The
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is a difference of principle between the two methods. After
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versity Medical School and afterward professor of anatomy in clinical
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short, scout, of nervo-sangnineous temperament, was
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VI ediieslay, by lo„y (Joates, J„. No, 80 South Street'.
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Ixxxvii, 266. — Sarcoma of femur; amputation. Chi-
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single city, and in that same year its victims were not
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surgeons. Dr Vans Best, unfortunately since deceased in the prime
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place tUl Sunday. Query : Is not this a case for the Coroner :
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flat sponge is inserted holding the bowels out of the way,
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and Legislation with instructions to make efforts toward having
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an inflammatory condition. Usually they are not pro-
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physicians, biomedical scientists, and men and women
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