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been lessened by an application of pure carboUc acid,
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tion, by which such contradictions might be reconciled ; and firsts
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Answering Dr. Oldright's question. Dr. Bruce stated that he
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toma it burrows, so to speak, into the folds of the liga-
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Though we readily agree with Baccelli that the eye of the clin-
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two important indications. These are : 1, to evacuate
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report this case in full among the illustrative cases below.
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script. \Vhen necessary to elucidate the text illustrations will be
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Case V. — John Shelly, a shoemaker, aged twenty-nine, admitted on
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with visceroptosis and- an exaggerated feminine type of duodenum.
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should have said : " How many hours per term, or per
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back to the first principles of the medical art. In
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bony wall to the membranes of the brain, causing death. As a
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symptom of increased disintegration of nitrogenous compounds." Feutor's con-
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indicated also a large cresent with choroidal atrophy
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tinuous pieces come away. At the same time the involvement of
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Dr. J. Spanoudis, of Port Said, Egypt, discourages its use even
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cines." (See l^Alemnu's !>>inoptis of Cutanfous DUeiiSfS. Loudon:
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referred to by Mr. Liston, is exceedingly well made by Mr. Hus-
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relations, like other diseases. That it is the cause of
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was elected to the lower house of Congress and served
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iiK'tritis, is simply addiiiii; fuel to tlic Hrc. This risi<, oven
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power in the House, and exercise a lasting beneficial influence
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in the periods elapsing before the appearance of polyneuritis in the
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In all cases of trouble in regard to con- contemporary Parisian seeress has just
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give 1/2 gr. emetine whicli was given, and the oozing was controlled in
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tlie subject. In fact, Bradford of Boston, Hoffa of Berlin, and
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Swan of Usk,' which was afterwards published by his