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.sive list of useless remedial agents for that disease.
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postexercise period when potassium values normally return
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reduction in residual tumor size by an average 53% (range: I
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Notwithstanding the apparently short duration of his ill-
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pneumonia does not occur in bronchopneumonia. The pulse-curve
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developed, well-nourished white male who complained of
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and improved diet are then required. It is a point of delicac;
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friends, should for his sake as well as for theirs be forbidden. As
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of by cathartics, the other by proper diet and exercise.
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mentioned — namely, epithelial cells or scales, pus or blood corpuscles,
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symptoms following cholecystectomy. 3 Therefore, an
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affection to which they are exposed or liable, and that the results are
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as the last two days of the fastigium. In the cases of moderate
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to the toxin of influenz*. The most frequent secjuel of in-
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group may play a role in their higher injury rates. In some
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more irregular curve of the pressure readings. In this experiment