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yolk of egg, the paranuclein of which comports itself as nuclein. Alcohol,
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patient or in cultures. All the organisms were dis-
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dermatitis repens, hydroa vacciniforme, mycetoma, angiokeratoma, proto-
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J. R. K. ; male, age twenty-five years ; married ; business
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sulphide to the ounce and an ointment of mercuric sulphide, five grains,
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cine. — Deutsche med. Wochenschri/t, 1896, No. 50.
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the transverse colon to the vertical portions, and from
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Klein. — In Louisville, Kentucky, on Saturday, -August
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a tube with a lot of little openings at the end — a
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thousands of cases examined by the best authorities,
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emphysema, he concludes, as well as hernia, exact approximation of the recti
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does not rule out by any means these two conditions.
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When the child is viable or near the period of via-
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the pathologist definitely excludes pancreatitis as
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was suddenly taken with a convulsion. He had had from
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for it is impossible to estimate accurately the amount of dried blood from
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John Wiley & Sons and is rather lighter in weight
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apology for the present work. Nor is the work unworthy of the author.
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therapeutics. This is the plan followed in Dennis's System of Surgery,
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1. Although none of the operations for the cure of retroversion restore
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22 Institut B a c t eriolo- .Antidinhtheric serum and normal goat
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History of Medicine can be most inspiring and interesting.
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stacles at the pylorus, it is possible to-day to pass
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was elected chairman. Dr. Cammorata, of Jersey City, sec-
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covering. Temperature before hypodermatic, 102°. Hypodermatic,
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the end ; with this he catches his cowrie shells, and
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lent muscular contraction, but there must probably have existed fragility
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lung. Five days from the onset of the pneumonia the
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reported. The deaths under two years of age from diar-
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direction mentioned, he is compelled to avoid them. For this reason
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hol, dried in an oven, triturated in a sterilized mortar with the oil of vaseline,
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pointment. Two grains of thyreoid and 1/40 grain arsenic,
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New Buildings for the Singapore Medical School. —