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seventeen original articles, the first of which is by Prof.

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excretion of oxybutyric acid (20 grams or more in the twenty-four

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determine whether or not he might also be suffering

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perhaps oftentimes, a town like Brighton, for instance, had its

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are happy to say that Mr. Field has been freed from the charge

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mons into the stare of madhouses, &c, has exhibited, in a

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' Lady Wilde, Ancient Cures, Charms, and Usages of Ireland.

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Every inspiratory act now becomes a sort of blow, forcing

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tain that not one of them taken alone can be considered as proving the

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Pupils react normally to light and accommodation. Slight secondary dilata-

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mittance is by bank check or postal money order, drawn to the

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all characteristic. The features of E. multiforme once mastered, difficulty

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sembling those of tic douloureux. One of the most curious circum-

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milder as the epiaemic declines. Cases of the bilious typhoid form have

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in from two to twelve weeks, averaging from four to seven, rarely later than eight

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termination is imminent unless the disease is at once

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evidence adduced upon the trial, as presented and re-

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The extension of the inflammatory process from the interior of the

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(E.M.) I Athletics and games of the ancient Greeks.] Am.

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the district, while its ravages are fearful along a ti-eeless portion of

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acquired or congenital visual defects, as when there are either corneal or lens

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acted upon by the House of Delegates at the Saturday

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per cent, of haemoglobin. Of this number seventy- seven

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remove it with a cold or hot snare introduced through the nasal cavity and

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the influence of voluntary movements on the spasms. This we may

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years of age, laboring under morbus coxarius, rachitis,

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this is a prime step in calculus formation. Exclusion from the diet of

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great danger of death from the entrance of air into the

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of the gravid womb upon the blood vessels. And now, if these

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should be drawn out the more cautiously, lest, it being small and smooth, it might

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recurrences observed in the 214 survivors with onset in 1913 numbered

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discharge from the nostrils ; in one case the abscess was in the middle lobe^

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year to two-year freeze of fees, beginning June 30,

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cases of placenta prsevia it is possible that the pla-

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after changing to the day frequently suffer from sleeplessness ; and the

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“This means that the blood banks in these hospitals

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of the tongue. The history of recurrent attacks of pellagra is indefi-

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contraction of a muscle after stimulation continues long enough to be

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the nerves or muscles of either side, and the entire failure to

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to a proper review of Dr. Mitchell's most interesting

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analiresia, thermo-ana'sthesia, and even electro-anaesthesia — arc always

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of inflammation of the membranes of the brain from the other kinds will be

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This case is only to be made use of with reservation, because

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When the abdomen is opened, even if hesitation is felt

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occurring in connection with a tumour of the anterior end of the right