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ple rules of living, and have adopted the refinements and luxuries of mo-

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of this discussion from the surgical point of view will be understood.

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so-called transition period was one in which cancer alone was present

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the region of the sixth nucleus there was isolated conjugate deviation

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age, I would add that my experience forces this conclusion upon me :

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and the method of applying it was by a hand-atomizer

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Case XXIV. — Kubli has published* the history of a case of associated paraly-

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in animals when myocarditis or endocarditis is present, and if so what

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important to remark, however, that apart from the local

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tion, we ought, if the fcetus is alive, to look for

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had- much of its structure preserved ; yet the optic tracts behind

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diseases and conditions in preparation for the clinical courses. Limited to 30 students

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Enlargement and induration of the spleen and liver are among the

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or one death from Traumatic Tetanus in 129 deaths from all causes.

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in America as that found in Sweden, or whether the virus has marked differences in

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ings, etc., or by inunctions with fats and oils, by

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Richardson, Lancet, 1894, ii, p. 1217' (this case is well worth considering although

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strongly represented, that church soon has an additional

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I think it was very fine. My own experience in recom-

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they are in a position to exercise merely the influence of

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such suspicious symptom is seen the horse should be carefully

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smarting be too severe. The latter agent may also be employed to overcome

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1580: First real pandemic: at first a general distribution over the Orient,

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Du. C.\i{o remarked, while he did not deny that many

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added a very great flow of saliva, with swelling and irritation

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to the proceedings of the iledical Council, without seeing us

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ances were slight, it would be wrong to infer that they were not sufficient to

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herent placenta, the uterus be contracted firmly or in

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is clean throughout the entire illness. The countenance

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tain saddle " I could scarcely keep my seat on horseback.

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gave 20 deaths. 19 ligatures of arteries gave 3 deaths. 407

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Whereas, The proposed legislation limiting the legal

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Luschka as 15 cm. With these measurements as a standard I found the