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be composed of closely aggregated corpuscles with some cells.
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experience had been that vision seldom if ever returns in the
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bed, and does not insure freedom from relapse. Instead, make a free
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sies'' to accumulations of liquid which contain coagulated fibrin in greater
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presence of sulphuric acid and by the application of heat.
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evidence of the perils of tooth saving^." These arti-
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Not the least interesting in one way ai-e the Surgical cases
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total number of deaths was 89, or approximately 18 per
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of the bloodvessels and lymphatics in the corium and an abundant
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of manganese. Malate of manganese gr. xv ; powder of cinchona
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is increased or precipitated by leaving the patient exposed on the
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A week later the pain returned, the abdomen became enlarged
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pended indicate purpose too plainly to be attributed to
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tissue space which intervenes between the rectum on the one hand and
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10. Sutherland DER. Moudry KC: Pancreas transplant registry report. Trans-
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account for the intermittency of the symptoms, and the pressure on the
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quite disproportionate to the resisting power of the
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ing the process of hypertrophy both by the ordinary physical
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part of the lungs, by which any damage to its tissue is
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there 'is often "great interest exercised to prevent inquiry in
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This subparagraph is considerably abbreviated when the majority
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the cholera spirillum, while those produced from lactose and
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mulations. The abscess may rupture into any of the hollow abdomi-
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Dious Hospital; one received from a .45 calibre, the
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safest fashion, in order not to unduly load up weakened
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of pus into the peritoneal cavity had been classed as equally
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have been very encouraging; naturally, the younger the child, the better
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in respiration and deglutition. The subsequent recovery,
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The examination of the sputum was negative to tubercle bacilli, but
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The beginning of flexion of the trunk, showing the recti in powerful contrac-
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Introduction of the Tube. The technique of the introduction of
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spiritualism and the "cures" effected by it that humanity
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treatment was one worthy of careful investigation, but
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of Glasgow, documents, the great importance of which are
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nished, and the sac in some cases became more or less
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of operation, too, is especially susceptible to drainage in
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