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ture of primary anemia, and also found hookworm ova. Instead of

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was, that the most successful mode of treatment was

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disease proceeded from natural causes ; and all conclude by

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to be healed, that is, not until they are well cleansed

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an 1 if any chemical or microscopical examination of the

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stand isolated in the history of the human race, and they can

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The standards of the great Continental armies, all very

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rate might be reduced nearly to the healthy district standard.* 1

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Fourteen per cent, were ab§olutely pulseless on first admission, the rest

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and feature stories, the progress of medicine in Minne-

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Under erythema fug ax are included a variety of superficial rashes seen

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being shall lie the Presidents of the Medical and Surgical Sections. The

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microgestin fe 1.5/30 birth control reviews

especially in France, and to a lesser extent in Germany, and have, in the mam, been

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(Chaiiman) ; Professor Bell, M.D. St. Aiidi-ews; J. Mottbews Dimcan,

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opposite pathological states. They may occur as symptoms of disease of

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me of my usual winter illness. My health, too, is once more

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is continuous with the skin. It lines the inner surface

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The question has been much discussed as to the local, or the dyscrasic, origin

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the latter was constantly being replaced by the former,

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ment is made of two more deaths of patients who had

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tassium: Febrifuges — Rheumatism; .A.cute— Scor-

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way a few years ago. My patient was very thin blooded, and yet very

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will be the seat of disturbance. — Medical World.

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of the life insurance companies. Would it not be a good

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lieve that it may be usefully and properly performed

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May 15-17— Occupational Hazards to Health Care Workers. Se-

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by Dr. Louis Jurist, one of the chiefs of clinic in that de-

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hours after, but the greatest difficulty was experienced in finding the

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symptoms — e. g., cough and pleuritic pain. At a later stage the exaggerated

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42 Constitution and Bylaws of the State Medical Society

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be struck with the large numberof venereal ca^os. Mr.

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associated with gonorrhoea, but is not a result of extension of the latter

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