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applicant's sufferings are increased many fold. Under such circumstances, and at

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armoured objects in defence or attack, are distinguished

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well by precept, yet better still by example, and he has

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to the House Staff in December, 18S4. Here he served

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stetrician of the Philadelphia Hospital, and remained in

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prepared for college, receiving the honorary degree of A.M. eight

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De Moy's gutter splint with valves would be excellent,

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tube of the long-necked nursing bottle then so popular and so uni-

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examined should be that passed on rising in the morning.

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Primitive immediate immobilization is obtained at the

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central tube. The French shrapnel of 75 centimetres con-

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In ear affections, notably in ear-ache, I have found it prompt

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We should be glad to have record of the experience of our

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autumn of \^^^, I took the Matriculate Latin Prize for

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few flocks in the point ; the poor jade is wrung in the withers out of all cess : " this,

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Dr. Dudley of Philadelphia reporting for the special committee

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The aperture of entry is like a punched-out opening,

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is not infrequently thrown into a very perplexing quandary by

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it approaches the aperture of exit ; but the layers of

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part of it, has each had its advocates, and still continues to have ;

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in Neurology and Psychiatry whom American neurologists found of

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of the aperture of exit in short distance lesions affecting the

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joints — e. g., multiple purulent arthritis is probably due in most cases to

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shall now only consider the data that are of interest to the

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nified in manner, commanding the respect of all persons

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very difficult to identify sub-periosteal collections. In the

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1888-90; Ph.G., Maryland College of Pharmacy, 1887; M.D., Uni-

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seems extremely pale and watery. The number of red blood corpuscles is

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